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When wanting to have a healthy diet, not everything is inthe choice of ingredients. The way someone chooses to cook their food is veryimportant. Certain methods can reduce the amount of fat used for cooking andhave a positive effect on the diet.

Steaming food

Steaming is a method of cooking which is done by hanging thefood in a basket, which has a hole in it, above boiling water. Spices and herbscan be added to the water in order to add more flavor to the food. The bestthing to cook in this manner is vegetables. Steaming allows for the food tomaintain its nutritional values, so it is exceedingly healthy. It is also quitesimple to master.

Stir-frying food

The best thing about stir-frying is that it barely requiresany oil whatsoever. It doesn’t take up much time to have the food cooked thisway so it is able to keep its nutritional values, flavor and even color. Theway to stir-fry properly is to add some water to the oil in the pan, as well assome herb or spice. For example, ginger is very popular and quite alluring. Ifthe meal includes both meat and vegetables, meat should be the first one tocook, and only after that should the vegetables be added to the pan to bestir-fried.

Grilling food

Not only is grilled food healthy but it is also verydelicious and appetizing. All sorts of food can be grilled, whether it is meat,vegetables, seafood or something else, and the thing that is so good aboutgrilling is that it keeps the food quite low in fat and oil when cookedproperly. However, it is important to remember not to overcook and burn thefood. Not only does that diminish its nutritional value, but it also makes theperson more prone to cancers.

Roasting and baking food

Roasting and baking are similar methods, except thatroasting requires a higher temperature. Meat, poultry, vegetables and seafoodare all very mouth-watering when roasted. The best way to roast food iscovering it with olive oil and placing a support in the pan so that as much fatas possible can drip from the food.

Poaching food

Poaching is a very healthy method of cooking which isperformed by letting the food slowly boil in water or some flavored liquiduntil just before the liquid begins to evaporate. This method is best for moredelicate types of food such as eggs, fruits, fish or chicken.

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