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Eating and heart health

The healthier a person’s diet is the healthier his or her heart will be as well.

In order to have a healthy heart, there are simple rules that can be followed in order to maintain excellent heart health. They are simple rules that can be easily implemented into anyone’s dietary plan.

Fruits and Vegetables

Health specialists recommend that people should be eating 3-4 daily servings of vegetables and the same number of fruits.

However, there is really no limit on how many vegetables and fruits should be included in the daily diet, therefore, people can eat as much of these foods as they want, generally.

There are different ways to prepare and enjoy fruits and vegetables as well. Fruits can be made into delicious juices. This is a great way to get all the health benefits of fruit in a tasty and refreshing beverage.

I good idea is to chop up a whole bunch of fruit and cheap it in the refrigerator. This is much more convenient than eating whole fruits, and it is a great way to be reminded that fruits are great snacks, so every time a person feels hungry, they can go to their refrigerators and nibble at the cold and tasty fruit slices.

Stewed fruit desserts are also healthy and tasty ways to consume fruit. Just add some mousse or yogurt and it makes a great healthy and delicious snack.

A good way to eat vegetables is to make homemade soups. They are very easy to make and are delicious. They are also a lot healthier than the canned or bagged soup varieties.

Casseroles are also great dishes to feature vegetables in, because they add great flavors to the meat. Another great and fast way to make a delicious meal is to stir fry vegetables.

Of course, salads also make for a great meal as well.

It has been proven that vegetarians suffer 39 percent fewer cancer deaths than meat-eaters and 75 percent fewer heart attacks and strokes. Eat less saturated fats

There are excellent ways to decrease the amount of saturated fats that are consumed and to eat healthier.

It is important to avoid frying food. Grilling, roasting, baking, poaching, and boiling are all better options.

A person should also switch to low-fat alternatives, start drinking skimmed milk, use low fat spreads and spread them on thinly. Eat low-fat yogurts and cheese as well.

Instead of red meat, people should be eating more fish, chicken and turkey.

It a person insists on continuing to eat red meat, they should limit their consumption to two times a week at the most.

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