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A lot of people think that some problems may occur if they need to eat at a restaurant but are on a specific diet. However, there is no need for alarm. A person simply needs to order the right foods from the menu and he or she can still eat healthy and do not take too much calories. There are some tips a person can follow in order to make the situation for him or her more easy.

Ordering the proper drink

A person should not order alcohol drinks since they are known to have a lot of calories. A good choice is unsweetened ice tea. A person can also order a low calorie soda if he or she prefers sodas to ice tea. However, the best choice is always water with a slice or two of lemons.

Salads are healthy

Having a salad before the main course is always a smart choice because a person will not intake a lot of calories and will eat less. Apart from that, salads are known to have antioxidants which are excellent for the heart. A person should make sure that the salad consists only of vegetables because there are salads with cheese or croutons which will add to the calorie intake. Choosing a dressing for the salad is also important. Olive oil and vinegar are by far the best choices.

Appetizers are always tempting

Many of the appetizers are not good for a person on a diet because they are usually deep fried and full of breading. In most cases a dipping sauce comes along with an appetizer and they always have a huge amount of calories in them. A person should make sure to resist the temptation of these appetizers.

Look the menu over carefully and choose wisely

When picking a main course, a person should avoid fried foods but go for something that is either boiled or grilled. Fried foods contain a lot of trans fats and calories. If a person feels that the entry will not suffice his or her hunger, he or she can always order more vegetables.

Nowadays, not a lot of people consume the right amount of vegetables and fruits. A person needs eight servings every day in order for his or her body to function properly.

If a person prefers a sauce, he or she should avoid the creamy ones and go for the tomato sauce.

A person who feels that the dinner he or she ordered is too much for him or her, he or she can always set aside some of the dinner and not eat it. This way the calorie intake can be controlled.


There are desserts that are low on carbohydrates and fat and a person on a diet should order one of these desserts. Skipping a dessert is also a wise choice.

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