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Planning a romantic dinner for you and your partner is often a little stressful to say the least. You want it to be the perfect, delectable but also moderately healthy. All of these rules can be taxing but it does not have to be like that, especially after you read this article.

Starters and Appetizers

A simple salad can be converted into a simply mouth watering gourmet starter. Make a spinach salad and combine it with a low fat balsamic dressing, coupled with grilled chicken strips, peppers, and a few grilled vegetables. You can also include some pine nuts and goats cheese. If you are planning on preparing a multi course dinner then you will probably want to include an appetizer. However most appetizers are covered in cheese, what you can try is combining a fat free cream cheese with some garlic and a few seasonings to make a creamy Stuffed Mushroom appetizer. You can simply do a bruschetta with tomato and basil, too.

Lean Meats and Side Dishes

There are a couple of options such as a grilled chicken, a roasted turkey or even a tofu for vegetarians. Keep it simple by creating a marinade and allowing your meat to sit in it for a while in the fridge and basically grill the meat when you’re ready. You can choose two side dishes to have with your meat such as some roasted potatoes mixed with garlic or you can try steaming some vegetables. Cut back on the oil usage and the butter to assist in your healthy cooking style. A rather appealing choice is a zuccinni casserole completed with a low fat cheese, tomatoes, and some breadcrumbs.

Dessert Choice for a Healthy Dinner

A dessert is an absolute must for any romantic dinner. Most women’s favourite dessert is the chocolate cake. This can still be accomplished just by doing a few amendments. If you are choosing to make a cheese cake you can substitute the cheese for a low fat option. You can lower the oil usage and replace it with an apple sauce and you can replace some of the sugar with a sweetener in cakes such as brownies. If you want to try making a tiramisu, instead of using mascarpone you can try cream cheese and custard powder. These days there are many healthy options that allow you to still enjoy the flavours of your favourite dishes without feeling guilty and they are just as easy to prepare.

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