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There are many recipes for fish. However many regular house hold cooks do not cook fish on a regular basis because they do not know what recipes are tasty. Below are some recipes for sea bass.

Sea Bass with Dried Fruit Salsa Ingredients

This recipe only contains three hundred and thirty seven calories. You will need four sea bass fillets, two tea spoons of olive oil, two tea spoons of ground coriander, one tea spoon of ground cumin, quarter a tea spoon of cinnamon, quarter a tea spoon of cayenne pepper, three quarters of a tea spoon of salt, quarter of a cup of each of these dried fruits, papaya, cherry, mango, and pineapple, third of a cup of apple juice or you can use cider, two table spoons of cider vinegar, two table spoons of apricot jam and two table spoons of chopped up cilantro.

Sea Bass with Dried Fruit Salsa Recipe

Firstly, you need to rub the fish fillets with the olive oil. In a bowl you can mix together the cumin, cinnamon, coriander, and the cayenne pepper, take away half a tea spoon of the mixture for the fruit salsa later and it can be set to one side. The seasoning can be rubbed on to the fish and you can heat oil in a large skillet and the fish can be added and be cooked for five minutes. The fish can be turned and cooked for a further five minutes. The fruit can be combined as well as the juice, vinegar, and half a tea spoon of the reserved seasoning combination in a pan and brought to the boil and jam can be added for five minutes. The fish can be placed onto serving dishes and the fruit salsa can be put on top.

Salted Sea bass Recipe

This is very easy as it only has four ingredients. You will need a three pound sea bass that has been gutted, washed and gutted, six pounds of sea salt and melted butter and some lemon wedges. In a casserole dish layer put some salt in the bottom and put the fish on top and cover it with salt. It can be baked in a hot pre heated oven at a temperature of two hundred and twenty degrees Celsius for just over half an hour. After the time has elapsed the fish can have the salt knocked from it and can be served with butter and lemon wedges. For more flavors, add tarragon or parsley.

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