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Lamb Kebabs – Healthy Version

Although many would think this improbable and even impossible, there is a way of making this specialty both, savory and healthy. And in continuation, you are about to find exactly how to do this.

Main Ingredients include the following:

Garlic (amount: 2 cloves), first peeled and then chopped in a fine and careful wayGround cumin (amount: three quarters of a tsp)Lamb leg meat (amount: 600g or 1 lb), finely cut in 3cm or 1 and one quarter big cubesPinch of saltThe yoghurt sauceYoghurt, Greek style kind (amount: 150 g or 5 ozs)Tahini/sesame paste (amount: 1 tbsp)Fresh leaves of mint (amount: handful), chopped finelyExtra virgin olive oil (amount: 2 tbsp)Garlic (amount: 2 cloves), first peeled and afterwards chopped carefully and finelyPinch of saltFlatbreads – readymade (amount: 4/size: 20 cm or 8 inc)


Cabbage (either red or white) with its core taken out and shredded thinly (amount: 200 g or 7 oz) Chilli sauce, ready made (amount: dash) Ripe tomatoes (amount: 2) sliced Red onion (amount: one half) first finely peeled and then sliced but thin Dill pickles (amount: 4) sliced thick Pickled chillies (amount: according to person’s taste) Lemon juice, and freshly squeezed one (amount: 1 to 2 tbsp)


Start of with the lamb. In a big bawl you should mix cumin and garlic, and then lamb cubes are to be added into this mixture and stirred until it becomes completely covered in spices. Leave it minimally for two hours. You can also put it in the fridge over night, to cool it. Next step requires you to put a pan on your stove and heat it until smoking hot. Immediately add the lamb cubes, season according to your taste, and grill for at least three or four minutes, both sides. Do the same with all the lamb cubes. Once this done, set lamb aside and prepare yourself for the next step, which is the yoghurt sauce. Take another bawl and put in it yoghurt and all the other ingredients, and stir until they all blend in well. Simultaneously, cook each of the four flatbreads on a griddle pan, but one at a time, no longer than 2 minutes, also both sides just like the lamb. When you are over and done with this, take a bit of the yoghurt sauce and put it in the middle of each of the four flatbreads. Then add up a bit of cabbage and on top of it some chilli sauce. On top you should put at least two tomato slices and an onion ring, and sprinkle with slices of dill pickle. Now comes the saucy part, add the lamb cubes and sprinkle with chillies. For the final touch, squeeze some lemon juice, fold all the edges and enjoy.

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