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When it comes to curries most people have a tendency to stick to chicken or prawns. However lamb can be delicious in some curries and it can be made into a healthy dish.

Ingredients for a Lamb Curry

You will need to gather five hundred grams of lamb shoulder meat, diced up potato, diced up carrot, an onion, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, a clove, salt, olive oil, cardamom, turmeric powder or you can use paste, water, and milk.

Preparation of Lamb Curry

Once all your ingredients are gathered you can now begin the preparation stage. Firstly you can cut up the meat into rather small chunks, followed by a rinse and then set them to one side with salt rubbed into them. Now you can peel the potato and the carrot and cut them into similar sized chunks as the meat. At this point you can paste the onion, garlic and ginger. Fry the cinnamon coupled with the clove, black pepper and the cardamom after which you can add in the onion, ginger and the garlic and combine all together in the pan. Now at this stage you can include the turmeric powder/paste and continue to fry, subsequently followed by adding the lamb, carrot and potato, add a little salt and keep stirring the mixture. At this time you can add water and close a lid over the mixture so as to keep the meat tender. Once you believe the lamb is tender you can include the milk for a period of two minutes. Now the dish can be served coupled with bread and rice, possible buttered fried rice.

Preparation of Buttered Fried Rice

This form of rice is very simple to make. In a pan add water and salt and allow the water to boil, once it is boiling, add a little lime juice to it. At this point include the basmati rice and continue to boil for five minutes after which you can turn down the heat to simmer and close with a lid for the next ten to fifteen minutes or until the rice looks and tastes tender. When the rice is ready you can drain off the excess water. Heat some butter in a frying pan and add some chopped carrot and chopped cabbage, include the rice and stir all together for five minutes. At this time you should add a little salt and a little sugar coupled with black pepper. It is now ready to be served with your lamb curry.

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