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Pawns are not to everyone’s taste, however when they are incorporated into some of these delicious dishes they are hard to resist.

Prawn Curry

Firstly you need to put some oil into a wok and heat up. Once the oil is hot you can add the chopped up onion and sizzle for a few minutes. When the onion has got soft you can add a curry paste and keep it on the heat for a few more minutes, after which you can add your tomatoes and prawns and allow them to simmer. At this point you can add some seasoning and some coriander. That is it, you can serve this dish with rice and perhaps a naan bread.

Fragrant Coconut Curried Pawns

For this dish you need to put a couple of table spoons of a thai green curry paste into a frying pan and then you can include the pawns as well as a can of coconut milk around four hundred grams. At this time turn down the heat to allow the products to simmer until cooked through properly. Prior to serving you can season and add coriander. This dish per serving contains one hundred and sixty six calories, twenty two grams of protein, one gram of unsaturated fat, four grams of fat, eleven grams of carbohydrates, eight grams of sugar, and three grams of fiber.

Prawn Paella

This is a quick adaptation to the Spanish paella, it is easily cooked in chicken stock with tomatoes, pawns, rice and saffron.

You will be requiring three hundred and fifty milliliters of water, seventy five grams of white rice, four hundred and fifty grams of fresh pawns that are previously shelled and deveined, one clove of garlic that has been chopped finely, five hundred grams of chicken stock, four saffron threads and four hundred grams of tomatoes that are chopped and in juice.

To make this dish you will need to bring water to the boil in a sauce pan and add the rice and stir together, now you can reduce the heat, cover the rice and allow it to simmer for around twenty minutes. Whilst you are waiting you can sauté the garlic and the prawns on a medium heat for five minutes until you see the prawns are pink in color. Now you can pour in the chicken stock coupled with the tomatoes and the saffron and allow to boil for a minute. When the rice is cooked through you can add the rice to the rest of the dish and stir together and on low cook for another five minutes or so.

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