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Many people, especially children, do not realize the importance of regular fluid intake. Children, for example, being a lot more mobile and flexible when compared to adults, tend to lose water from their organism faster than their parents. That, along with the fact that in schools they concentrate and work mentally every day, it is not hard to realize that they do need to drink a lot of water and other healthy liquids. Most children are not even aware of the fact that they are thirsty and parents need to be careful and provide their children with these fluids necessary for their development and overall health.

What Should Your Child Drink?

Water and milk are the healthiest drinks for your child. All other beverages, such as juices, colas and similar, are either good in smaller amounts, or completely unhealthy.

The above mentioned water is a must. Water should be consumed in largest quantities, and should always be available for your child. You can ensure this by providing your child with a water bottle. You can provide either sparkling or tap water, adding a slice of lemon or a small portion of some pure fruit juices in order to provide a nice flavor.

At least one a day, children should be given milk. Milk is extremely important for their development since it is one of the main sources of calcium, necessary for human bones. Making it a regular addition to your child’s diet, you ensure his or her proper development and leave an excellent habit for their future.

As far as the previously mentioned fruit juices are concerned, choosing them is always a tricky job. When choosing, pay special attention to the amount of actual fruit juice in it and chose those who have more than 50%. Also, be sure that there is not a high concentration of sugar, which is most often the case, since any excess of sugar results in your child’s hyperactivity, increased tooth decay and many other negative aspects.

Same goes for smoothies and fruit squashes. Choose only those with the largest amount of actual fruit material and the smallest amounts of sugar, additives and similar. Along with these, fizzy drinks such as colas and other, most often bought in tins, do not stand for healthiest choices. These have small amounts of healthy elements while rich in sugar, additives and many other ingredients your child should not intake in large quantities. Besides, these are often more expensive than many valuable fruit-based juices making them even worse choice.

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