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Korean food is an exquisite combination of peasant diets and majestic palace cookery. Their cooking techniques reflect their neighbour Asians for instance the spices and the chilies. They mainly use sesame oil, soybean paste, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and kim-chi. In Korea they have three seas and this is the reason they usually have some form of fish on the menu. They also use other meats such as beef, pork and chicken and they eat them broiled, fried, boiled or even stewed.

The valleys in Korea are filled with beans, rice, and many vegetables and in their lush mountainous areas they have mushrooms and wild flowers. Nearly all Korean meals will consist of rice, soup and then coupled with three or even five side dishes. Most of the time, a usual setting will have six dishes in total. The national Korean meal is called kimchi. The Koreans accept that their cold winters do not provide vegetables so they preserve the vegetables so they can still get the vital vitamins.

Korean Food Recipe

To make instant Kimchi you will need one Chinese cabbage, a tea spoon of vinegar, two garlic cloves, a table spoon of salt, a tea spoon of hot pepper, a table spoon of sugar and a table spoon of soy sauce. To make Kimchi you need to cut up the cabbage into thin slices and chunks and mix it with the garlic that is crushed coupled with the soy sauce, vinegar and hot pepper. At this point, you can add sugar and salt and allow it to ferment for around an hour, after an hour you can season the mixture with sesame oil. The garlic and the pepper will help the eater with their cholesterol and can also help their bodies with blood clotting. The cabbage in this dish helps with the prevention of constipation. Because of the fermentation process, the microorganisms are created, these are very useful to the body.

Korean Food Recipe - Pulgoki

This is barbecued marinated beef strips and is made by making a sauce through mixing soy sauce, sesame seeds, sesame oil, chopped green onion, sugar, minced garlic, and water. This mixture can be put on top of sliced up beef strips to marinate. After which you can barbecue.

Korean Food Recipe - Musangchae

This is a white radish salad and is very healthy. It is made by combining slim radish slivers with sugar, garlic, red pepper powder, and chopped green onion. The mixture can be steamed and put with brown sugar, sesame oil, soy sauce, and cinnamon. Caramelize chestnuts and put them in the rice mixture. You can then cook the mixture with cream and pine nuts.

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