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There is no reason whatsoever that those people who are maintaining a healthy diet should renounce all the delicious foods that are generally not considered to fall into that category. There are ways for them to enjoy meals that everyone likes, such as pizza, because it can be made with healthy alternative ingredients. The toppings on the pizza are easily adjusted to a healthy way of eating, but the key is to find the right alternatives for the base.

Dried yeast pizza base

The key when making this kind of pizza base is to add dried yeast to the mixture. As for the amount of dried yeast needed, that is to be checked on the package as it depends on the amount of flour that is required. The first thing to do is to mix dried yeast together with half the spoon of sugar and five spoons of water and left alone for a little less than fifteen minutes.

After that, the flour should be added to the mixture together with a pinch of sea salt. At this point, it’s important to make sure that the mixture is as firm as it can be, so that it can be stretched over a floured board nicely. After it is, it is to be placed in a mildly heated dish and covered with a cloth and left alone up to an hour.

When that is finished, the pizza base should be returned to the floured board and kneaded for a couple of minutes more. Then the base is to be shaped into the round pizza form and covered with the toppings of one’s choice, like cheese, tomatoes, etc and baked in the oven for no more than half an hour.

Pizza base made in a food processor

Food processor is a very useful kitchen appliance which is designed to automatically chop, grate and blend food, among other things. When the pizza base is prepared with the help of a food processor, it’s not necessary to make it into a pizza immediately, as it can be left in the fridge for a while and the preparation postponed for the next day.

The way to make this pizza base is to add a cupful of whole wheat flour, another cup of regular flour, the appropriate amount of yeast, a pinch of salt, and a little less than two whole teaspoons of sugar to the food processor.

After that, the food processor is to be turned on, all the while adding three or four cups of oil to the mixture, and also the same amount of hot water. This entire process shouldn’t last for more than a minute and when finished, the dough is to be laid on the floured board and kneaded until it’s stretched out nicely. After that, one can either make the pizza immediately or put the dough into the fridge and finish it later.

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