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Kale is a Brassica family vegetable that is sturdy and works its magic in stews, pastas and gratin. Kale belongs in the identical family of vegetables that cabbage is located in. It has health-promoting sulfur compounds, as well as antioxidants. Kale is also an exceptional spring of vitamins such as K, A and C, and it has manganese, and on top of all this goodness it also has dietary fiber, calcium, iron and potassium.

Arame Kale Avocado Salad with Sesame Vinaigrette

You will need half a cup of dried seaweed also known as arame. You need one bunch of kale and you can use any variety of them, however, most people recommend dinosaur or lacinato. You also need one avocado, dressing and some sesame seeds. Firstly you need to soak the arame in luke warm water for around twenty minutes or so after which it can be drained. You can apply a little salad dressing over the drained dried seaweed. At this stage you can wash the kale and slice it into pieces quite large. The kale can be steamed so it becomes tender and then placed in a bowl. You can now make the dressing in a blender by mixing together garlic, chives and herbs. Now you can cut up the avocado and place it in a bowl as well. The dressing can be tossed with the kale and the arame. At the end sprinkle some sesame seeds over the top.

Sesame Vinaigrette Ingredients

For this recipe you will need two thirds of a cup of olive oil, a quarter of a cup of rice vinegar, one table spoon of soy sauce, one table spoon of grainy mustard, two cloves of garlic, quarter a cup of cilantro but this is optional, quarter a cup of chives or green onions again this is optional, some salt and pepper and half a cup of toasted sesame seeds, but be sure to use half of these for the dressing and put aside the rest for tossing on top at the end.

Crispy Kale Chips

All you will need is one bunch of kale and two table spoons of olive oil. Firstly you need to pre heat the oven to three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. You need to hold onto the stem at the bottom of the kale and use your other hand to strip the leaves. This needs washing, drying and then it can be torn into small bite size pieces. The pieces can be drizzled with olive oil and a little salt and pepper and then baked for ten minutes or so.

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