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The health benefits of liver, the cod liver oil and the dessicated liver is that they boost general health, energy, muscle growth, brain power and libido. Liver, cod liver oil and dessicated liver are super supplements and rich with B vitamins, vitamin A, DHA and arachidonic acid. These components are difficult to be found in other supplements. Liver also gives you energy to last longer swimming. It contains unknown nutrient against fatigue. Liver probably have high levels of lipoic acid, carnitine and other nutrients which boost energy but they are not researched enough.

Health benefit of liver and cod liver oil is that they are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A has many beneficial properties. They are: healthy fertility in women and men, proper development of embryo, preventing asthma and mortality in children, preventing kidney stones, regulating sugar in blood, protecting against environmental toxins and oxidative stress, protecting against fatty disease of liver, regulating fats in the body and promoting development of puberty. Experts do not know dosage of vitamin A we need to take. There are some researches, claims and arguments about amounts of vitamin A intake. Some claim that vitamin A intake is enough if we eat carrot and other vegetables which contain beta-carotene. Others consider that is necessary mixed diet, vitamin A from beta-carotene and true vitamin A for sufficient intake of vitamin A. It is very difficult to find out what necessary intake of vitamin A our body requires.

Other health benefit of liver is that it has arachidonic acid and DHA. The benefits of arachidonic acid are healthy skin and hair, fertility, proper hydration, gut health and growth. DHA is needed for intelligence, learning and visual acuity. Liver contains more arachidonic acid than egg yolks. Cod liver oil also contains can contains high amounts of arachidonic acid. Animal liver contains insignificant amounts of DHA. If you feed animals with grass then their liver has higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids.

Fish oils and cod liver oils have EPA. EPA is fatty acid which is not important for mammals but it can be converted into DHA and interferes with arachidonic acid. You need to avoid obtaining essential fatty acids from muscle meat, butter, liver and occasional fatty fish. Also, avoid vegetable oils and excessive fish oil supplements.

Cod liver oil can be consumed one and half teaspoon per day. Higher amounts of cod liver oils you can take only for fat-soluble vitamins intake. Also, higher amounts can be used with diets rich in minerals, magnesium and vitamin B6 to provide arachidonic acid.

Liver is very important human organ and is is great source of energy booster nutrients. Liver has high levels of biotin and certain amounts of vitamin C. Liver is very important for metabolism, it is head metabolic machine in human body.

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