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Benefits in abundance

Given the fact thatthey have been present and available to general public for quite some time, fishoil supplements have managed to slip into just about everybody’s diet. And thespot they have taken up is not at all undeserved, since they bring a whole lotof health benefits. One additional advantage is that these can be consumed evenby the people who frown at the mere thought of eating a fish for a meal and they still get all the benefits they need. The oil in question is known to be quiteeffective in treating conditions chronic in nature such as arthritis, elevatedtriglycerides, diseases autoimmune in nature, as well as cardiovasculardiseases.


Fish oil, itself, isextremely rich in no less than two distinct varieties of omega-3 fatty acid,i.e. docosahexaenoic acid (also known as the DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid(referred to also as the EPA). But since the marketis overflowed with all kinds of different varieties made by different manufacturers,narrowing the choice is quite often a fairly difficult task.

Opt for the mostproper one

Since this can takeup too much of a person’s time and nerves as well, in order to discover whichof the available supplements best suits your needs, what each person should payclose attention to is the following guidelines:

It is of greatest significance tocheck and attentively read the labels on each of the products that you think mightbe suitable for you. Important for each supplement is whether it contains theabove mentioned EPAs and DHAs, so make sure of that first. The commonly disregardedfact is that people think 1 g of fish oil actually contains 1 g of omega-3fatty acids, which is seldom the case. This way they get mislead, and this isnot desirable at all. For example, in case 1 g of fish oil, i.e. 1000 mg statesthat it contains 300 mg of EPA and 300mg of DHA, this means that it has 600 mgof what you need.Opt always for the supplement varietythat contains the essential EPAs and DHAs in largest quantities, in thesmallest dose. For example, if a person craves 3 g, he/she would have to take it in 10pills of the supplement of lower quality, which has in it 300mg of omega-3.Therefore, a 600mg supplement is a far better solution.On the list of preferences one shouldalso include a fish oil supplement of greater potency, for greater quantitiesof liquid are more easily swallowed than, for example, ten capsules.Discovering the primary source of thefish oil is also extremely important and useful. Namely, those supplements madeof the fish originating in cleaner waters are less contaminated with lead,dioxins and alike.

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