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Cod liver oil is commonly used everywhere around the worldbecause it provides numerous different types of health benefits. It is anexcellent source of different types of fatty acids and vitamins. Unfortunatelyit may sometimes trigger certain types of side effects as well.

Side Effects of Cod Liver Oil

The list of side effects triggered by the use of cod liveroil can sometimes get quite extensive. Perhaps the most common among them allare tightening sensations in the chest and the throat, and difficulties inbreathing. One may also experience discoloration of urine and certain changesin the eyesight or blurry vision. Other common side effects of cod liver oilmay also include drowsiness, skin rashes, tiredness, itchiness, headaches,swollen skin, jaundice-like appearance, thinning of the blood, bruises, stomachcramps, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, nose bleeds, unpleasant aftertastesand bleeding from the gums, among others.

Some side effects may be mild, while others may be seriouslysevere. A person should always consult a doctor before using any cod liver oilsupplements. They may interact with other types of medicaments or supplements.Most side effects triggered by the use of cod liver oil supplements are mildand they are usually only temporary. Some, if not all of them, usually call forimmediate medical attention because they may lead to other even more seriousmedical conditions. One should always follow all the instructions concerningthe dosage of a supplement in order to avoid the occurrence of theaforementioned side effects.

Another important aspect is the way a person stores the codliver oil. If one stores it improperly it may become unusable and sometimeseven dangerous. Cod liver oil needs to be stored in a dark, dry and cool area,in a bottle or a container. It should be kept out of reach of children at alltimes. If a person does not suffer from any side effects, there are numeroushealth benefits of cod liver oil which can be enjoyed then. Those who spendplenty of the time in the sun should be very careful because if they take codliver oil it may sometimes lead to vitamin D overdose. A teaspoon of cod liveroil contains 400 International Units of vitamin D. Vitamin D overdose can berecognized by certain symptoms such as constipation, vomiting and nausea.Pregnant women should definitely avoid using cod liver oil, even in itssupplemental form.

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