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Good and healthy, well balanced diet is a must in this modern and stressful times. Problem is that in order to maintain your good health you can not just rely on the food in your meals; you must use a supplements as well. Here are some of the most important supplements that you should use daily in order to maintain your good posture and health. You can take the supplements separately, but best results are achieved when you take them in combination.


According to the latest studies and researches average American gets less than half their needed amount of calcium from his daily diet. Because, high consumption of caffeine also depletes the body’s supply of calcium, it is recommended that you use daily calcium supplements for most Americans.

Vitamin D

Ten minutes daily of sunshine is enough for your body to produce all the vitamin D that it needs, but people who does not live in sunny areas should be taking Vitamin D supplements in order to get enough Vitamin D for their body.

Vitamin C

Daily supplements of Vitamin C can boost the immune system, help your body combat the effects of aging and common illnesses. Vitamin C, in combination with vitamin E may also prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of most effective health supplement because it relieves physical and mental stress and strengthens the immune system. Because some people may not absorb Vitamin B12 from food well, it is recommended that you take daily supplements containing vitamin B12.

Fish Oil The omega 3 essential fatty acids DHA and EPA found in fish oil are essential for your body to make new nerve and brain cells. Because of the fact that you can not take enough of them daily, you should use instead supplements containing fish oil extracts, particularly DHA.

Green Tea Extract

Extract in Green tea reduce the levels of LDL in your body, cut the reproduction of cancerous cells, protect your body against digestive and respiratory infections, lower high cholesterol and blood pressure. Green tea extract should be supplement that you take daily.

Coenzyme Q10 (CO Q10)

CO Q10 is a component in the mitochondria in every cell in your body, where it functions as an antioxidant. Benefits of taking supplements containing CO Q10 are increased energy, heightened immune system, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, less severe migraines and reduced occurence of atherosclerosis.

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