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A helper from the way back

In the old days, people used to keep at least one bottle of the cod liver oil in store in case there occurred some more severe ailment such as stiffness of the joints, rheumatism and alike. But ever since times have changed drastically. And today one is most certainly to notice in that same spot a bottle of fish oil, or fish oil pills somewhere in the vicinity. However, due to a new set or research studies, cod oil might be back with a vengeance, so to speak, and certainly threatens to take it rightful spot once again. The main reason for this is a number of benefits that are starting to emerge only now.

Many will ask which of the two oil varieties is healthier, beneficial and effective and there is but only one way to find that out – by facing the two and comparing them.

Vitamin D represents probably the biggest and most evident benefit and advantage that cod oil has in comparison to the fish oil. It is known that cod liver abounds in the before mentioned vitamin and when this is translated into figures, that recommended cod oil dosage has been discovered to give one no less than approximately 1,000 mg of vitamin D. This coincides with the quantity that many experts find most health beneficial. As we know, this vitamin is extremely important when it comes to proper functioning of the immune system, as well as nervous system and bone health. In addition, it is also thought to provide protection from certain varieties of cancer. Omega-3 fatty acids - in this regard, the experts recommend fish oil most of all since it is known to abound in omega-3 acids. Amounts present in fish oil are considered to prevent certain harmful inflammatory changes that occur in our body and facilitate and contribute to the better health of our heart. In addition, they are regarded as quite effective in warding off depression and in promotion of exquisite brain function. In short, both varieties of oils do contain omega-3s, so one can really not go wrong with choosing either of them. Vitamin A is another area in which the cod liver oil is given advantage. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin stored in our bodies, whose greater amounts are regarded as quite toxic. Some indicators point out that certain varieties of cod oil may be abound too much in vitamin A, but this should not be an issue if a person respects the recommended dosage.

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