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What is cod liver oil?

Cod liver oil is a certain type of nutritional supplementmade from the liver of the cod fish. It is highly beneficial because itcontains extraordinary amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and extremely high levelsof vitamin D and vitamin A. It was a common thing to give cod liver oil tochildren due to its high contents of the aforementioned vitamins. In most casesit is used to relieve the symptoms of arthritis, which include joint stiffnessand painful sensations. It also provides an overall beneficial effect on thehealth of the nails, hair, skin, bones and the heart. Cod liver oil is commonlycompared to fish oil but it is characterized by much higher levels of theprecious vitamins. Those who suffer from multiple sclerosis may try out codliver oil as a very effective complementary measure for long term treatmentplans. According to certain scientific studies, cod liver oil may be of greathelp when it comes to reducing the mortality associated with various differenttypes of cancers.

Cod Liver Oil Uses & Effectiveness

As already explained, cod liver oil can be used for a widearray of different medicinal situations and purposes. It is very effective whenit comes to lowering the levels of triglycerides in the blood. For those who donot know, triglycerides are fats commonly found in the blood. In order toreduce the levels, one needs to take cod liver oil by mouth. Some cases haveshown that cod liver oil may also come in very handy when it comes to dealingwith high blood pressure. In this case it also needs to be taken by mouth. Those who suffer from type 2 diabetes andkidney disease may also try using cod liver oil because it s very efficient inreducing the amount of proteins in the urine. These proteins are otherwisecommonly used as a marker for the severity of the kidney disease. Some sourcesclaim that cod liver oil may be of help to a certain extent for all those whosuffer from cholesterol disease that runs in families (medicinally known asfamilial hypercholesterolemia) along with osteoarthritis. Numerous differentsources claim that cod liver oil can be used for the prevention and treatmentof several other medical conditions, but as of now there is no sufficientevidence which would back such claims on a scientific level. Some claim thatbouts of depression can be resolved by using cod liver oil. Some others claimthat cod liver oil can also be helpful in reducing irregular heartbeat in thosewho suffer from the heart disease. Some studies have shown that cod liver oilused along with multivitamin mineral products enriched with selenium may be ofgreat help when it comes to preventing and reducing the risk of different sortsof ear infections in young children. Other medical conditions which supposedlycan be relieved by regular use of cod liver oil include glaucoma, wounds andsystemic lupus erythematosus.

Cod Liver Oil Side Effects & Interactions

In most cases, cod liver oil is completely safe for use. As isthe case with most different types of medications, herbal remedies and othersubstances used for various sorts of medicinal purposes, cod liver oil maysometimes be associated with certain types of unwanted side effects. The mostcommon side effects triggered by the use of cod liver oil include nosebleeds,heartburn, bad breath and belching. In most cases, these side effects getsignificantly decreased if the oil is taken with meals. No substance in the world should be taken inlarge doses, so the same thing can be said for cod liver oil, as it can bepotentially unsafe. High doses of cod liver oil may increase the chance ofbleeding and prevent the blood from clotting the way it normally would. Highdoses may also lead to vitamin D or vitamin A toxicity and it may also beinvolved in several other symptoms such as loose stools or nausea. As far astopical application of cod liver oil is concerned, safety is largely unknown.It is important to stress out that pregnant and breastfeeding women shouldsteer clear of cod liver oil. Those who take medications used for high bloodpressure need to be careful as cod liver oil can lower the blood pressure evenfurther. Do exposure to various different types of environmental toxins such asdioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls and mercury, all refined fish oil productsmay be associated with certain levels of contamination.As far as interactionsgo, cod liver oil may sometimes interact with certain types of medicationscommonly used for the treatment of high blood pressure, including furosemide,hydrochlorothiazide, amplodipine, diltiazem, valsartan, losartan, enalapril andcaptopril. The same can be said for certain medications used for the slowingdown of the blood clotting, such as warfarin, heparin, dalteparin, naproxen,ibuprofen, diclofenac, clopidogrel and Aspirin.

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