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Cod liver oil is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and is becoming more and more popular recently. Omega-3 fatty acid has many beneficial effects on our body. It can ease inflammation and prevent many dangerous diseases.

People who suffer from arthritis found relief when taking supplements with cod liver oil. Having anti-inflammatory components it can sooth pain. Arthritis is usually present among older population. However, all age groups can suffer from this uncomfortable illness. Good thing about cod liver oil is that it prevents and also slows down progress of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Cod liver oil is so powerful that it can postpone the joint replacement surgery. When we are healthy our cartilage protects our joints. However, if cartilage is damaged our joints can become swollen and stiff causing awful pain. In severe cases of osteoarthritis joints can be destroyed and thus a person needs surgery. It is found that some enzymes that our body creates can worsen this painful condition but cod liver oil can break down these enzymes and relieve the pain.

Some patients suffer from rheumatoid arthritis which is auto immune disease but they also can help themselves by using cod liver oil. Cod liver oil supplements need to be taken together with the regular medicines that the doctor prescribed. If taken regularly they will soften joint stiffness, sooth the swelling and reduce tiredness.

Cod liver is known to suppress immune response so scientists think it can cure other auto-immune illnesses too.

Cod liver oil has great role in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Oily fish should be part of regular diet of all people. Cod liver oil cleans cholesterol from blood and normalizes blood pressure. It can prevent heart attack since it reduces blood clotting. Therefore cod liver oil can even save somebody’s life.

Generally cod liver oil reduces inflammation and stiffening of blood vessels.

Cod liver oil helps heart functioning well by reducing triglycerides and by maintaining proper electrical activity of a heart. Consumption of cod liver oil therefore keeps rhythm of the heart stable.

Good combination is cod liver oil and multivitamin with selenium. This combination will prevent your child from getting middle ear infection.

This great oil is also beneficial for skin. It treats psoriasis by easing itching and redness.

Since the greatest ingredient of cod liver oil are omega-3 fatty acids it should be your main food supplement. However, there are other food rich in this essential fatty acids such as leafy green plants and vegetable oils. The thing is that these types of food have linolenic acid which is a short-chain omega-3 fatty acid and people cannot use it completely. Cod liver oil on the other hand has longer-chain omega 3 fatty acids and thus people can fully use all its benefits.

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