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Cricket is a well established team sport which incorporates a ball and a bat and it has been one of the most popular sports in the world for several hundreds of years. It involves two teams that consist of 11 players each and one game can last up to several days. The teams play the game on a pitch and during each game they indulge in fielding, batting, and bowling. Cricket originates from England but throughout the years it has become increasingly popular in Sri Lanka, India, Australia, Pakistan and South Africa.

Cricket is suitable for female and male persons of all ages and it can be played competitively or socially, just for the fun of it. Competitive cricket requires a pitch positioned on an oval field, but if it is played socially, any park, backyard or a beach should do just fine.

Health Benefits

Each player will spend some time standing around during a game of cricket but this sport also requires strength, fitness, excellent ball handling skills and a remarkable hand-eye coordination. One has to sprint between the wickets, run to stop balls and significant amounts of throwing and bowling are usually involved as well.

Cricket provides a person with improved stamina, balance, endurance, physical fitness, and hand-eye coordination. Cricket is also very efficient in boosting certain other types of skills such as team work, communication, cooperation, social interaction and it also teaches a person how to cope with losing or winning a game. It also gives a person the opportunity to meet new people and make new friendships.

Getting Started With Cricket

If one wants to indulge in a game of backyard cricket, all that she or he requires are a few friends, wickets, a ball and a bat. If one opts for competitive cricket, she or he may join one of many local cricket clubs. In order to refine the skills, one may also participate in a cricket clinic. Competitive cricket is basically a team sport and it requires good communication skills and the matches usually take place during the weekends, but one must always commit to practice sessions first. One may also indulge in scoring and umpiring.

If a person chooses to join a cricket club, she or he has to pay club membership and certain competition fees. Pants, shirts and shoes with spikes also need to be bought in order to play the game properly. Stretching and warming up before a game of cricket are strongly recommended. One should also always wear protective equipment and a broad spectrum sunscreen.

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