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Golf is becoming more and more popular. As in any other sport even in golf staying fit and regular practice is essential. Additionally, proper food and sufficient intake of all the necessary nutrients will provide with appropriate amount of energy and will have positive effect on golfer's mind as in this sport both body and mind have to work adequately.

Most people consider golf as not so complex sport. When watching it on TV one may think that he/ she is also capable of 'hitting' the ball into the desirable direction. On the other hand, one can only realize how difficult golf really is once he/ she tries it.

If a person wants to be successful in playing golf, he/ she must understand the basic principles of the game. Concentration is what counts most. Apart from that strength, sufficient energy as well as proper coordination and balance are of major importance. Only healthy and fit golfer can perform successfully and achieve already set up goals. The diet, therefore, becomes highly significant in this sport. Well balanced dietary regimes together with regular and specific exercise can make golfers strong and coordinated enough so that they can oppose even the toughest opponents.

This sport can lead to certain professional injuries including problems with back and joint pain. But if golfers undertake adequate and regular exercises they should not worry much about the potential medical conditions that can affect them.

The Importance of Exercise

The strength in general can be increased by swimming and running. Even sprint can be effective. Running is particularly good for legs while swimming makes the back muscles stronger. Before running, especially sprinting, one must stretch properly. This is essential and rather necessary so that certain injuries such as sprains can be effectively avoided. Back pain can be also prevented if abdominal muscles are well-built. Muscles in lower extremities can be successfully built by simple usage of stationary bike. Adequate strength of the muscles together with flexibility and elasticity will improve the overall performance of a golfer.

Eating Tips

Each golfer should eat at least five times a day. The best results can be achieved if one consumes food that releases energy slowly. This is much better than eating a bar of chocolate which will only leads to rapid increase of sugar in blood and will not have lasting positive effects. In stead of chocolate there are other carbohydrates that release sugar and other nutrients gradually and keep the energy levels high for longer period of time. Some of the foods that provide this include brown rice, pasta, fish and some vegetables and fruit. If feeling hungry during a game a golfer should always have a banana or dry fruit at hand. These will instantly sooth the hunger and increase the level of desirable energy.

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