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It is a fairly wide known thing thatgolf presents one of the most popular sports on the planet. Althoughusually connected with the well-off or the upper class, it is playedby people of all ages, gender and status. The rules of it are simple,the player should place the small golf ball in a hole moderately farfrom him or her, by using as few strikes with his special golf clubas possible. If it is about competition between teams or individuals,the ones who first place the ball in the hole win. As for playing itas a solitary, past-time game, the point is scoring with the feweststrikes. There are many different golf courses and clubs which onlymakes the sport more interesting and dynamic.

As for health and fitness qualities ofthis game, it has many. We could conclude that it involves moderatewalking since the holes are at a significant distance from theplayer. Also, it involves strength due to the fact that the player iscarrying his or her clubs, which there can be many, with him orherself throughout the game. Concentration, strategy, endurance andskill development only add on to the list of beneficent qualities ofgolf.

The walking involved with playing thissport is proved to be very good for the heart of the player,especially if golf is played several times a week. Weight liftingthrough carrying the equipment acts as an exercise adding toendurance and fitness advancement.

The green grass surfaces on which golfis played act mildly to ones eyesight, relaxing and reducing possiblestress issues within the player. Additionally, playing it out in theopen provides fresh air and spending time in the nature which mostexercises a modern human is able to practice in leisure time disallowsince they mostly involve confinement inside one's home with a bunchof machines.

Furthermore, golf can be in mostcases is a team sport where people communicate with each other in sharing the experiences and simply spending time in each other's company.This helps stress reducing greatly since loners and people who preferisolation are most often depressed.

In order to protect from any possibleinjuries while playing golf, one may introduce him or herself withthe basic rules and advices considering gameplay and tactics. Alsoone should wear proper equipment, do stretching and adequate worm-upexercises beforehand along with applying sunscreen and wearing sunprotective clothes. There can be many injuries while playing thissport so one must be prepared and careful while playing it so as toensure that the only thing that might hurt is the loss of a golfmatch.

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