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Exercising is healthy. Therefore, it is a well known fact that children who exercise on a regular basis have stronger bones, less accumulated body fat and are more resistant to diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems and many others. Additionally, physically active children, in general, are known to be more positive towards life, expressing themselves creatively while those who lead sedentary lives are more prone to developing hypertension and high blood cholesterol levels. Yet, since children require fun and exercising to go hand-in-hand, their physical activities need to be intriguing, enjoyable and creative, making them return to their workouts over and over again.

Creative Exercise for Children

One of the most interesting exercises for children is creative aerobic dance routine. To make this workout possible, you will need a music CD which will allow your children clear, strong beats that can easily be followed. Thus, anything from disco to dance or hip hop will do.

Before the real exercising starts, make sure the children have done their warm up routine correctly. Walking in place for a couple of minutes will suffice. Once this part of the training has ended, the music should be played and every child should get a chance to show the movement other dancers will start practicing.

The movements themselves may involve jumping jacks, jumping on one foot, switching from one foot to the other etc. Moreover, the children may invent new moves which you can put down and use next time. Also, their favorite music will keep them interested and in a good mood.

Alternative Activities for Children

Egg hunt has been a popular game since time immemorial. However, you can modify it a bit, allowing your children to have more fun and get the most out of the whole event. You will need plenty of pencils and papers placed on a picnic table. Along with these, the table will contain numerous tasks ranging from mathematical problems to spelling games. Hide the tasks around the backyard by placing them into special containers or by simply putting them on the ground.

When the game starts, the children will need to find the tasks, run back to the table solving it and run back to the backyard finding other interesting challenges. Once the time is out, the child with most correct answers gets a prize.

Finally, if you are dealing with a loud bunch of children, you can use this energy in a constructive way, by playing Field of Screams. Divide the children into two teams, each one facing the opposite side of the backyard. Then, on your call, they should start running to the side of the other team, screaming during the whole run, doing their best to reach the finish before the opposing team does. If a child stops screaming, he/she is out of the game. Each victory counts for 1 point and the first team to collect 5 points wins.

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