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Basketball is a team sport and one of the most popular sports in the world. Basketball is one of the most viewed sports in the world as well. There are two teams of player and these teams have to throw ball in high basket under determined rules. Team who scores more points (throw more times ball in basket) is a winner. Each team has five players. Basketball is a game that is necessary fast moving, passing, rebounding, shooting, defence, dribbling and many other activities. Basketball is indoor sport but also can be played on outdoor courts.

Health benefits of basketball are: building up muscles, building endurance, improving coordination, developing self-discipline and concentration, an hour of basketball can burn 630-750 calories.

There are more health benefits of basketball such as: if you play this sport you will stay fit, basketball can help you to make new friends and you will see them regularly, you can play basketball even on winter because this is indoor sport, you will become good team player, basketball can play people of all ages and abilities, you can practice basketball alone because many parks and school grounds have hoop, basket is fun game and all kinds of children can enjoy in playing it, this game can be played with less players.

It is not necessary to play basketball with ten players even if officially it requires this number of players. You can enjoy in playing basketball with only one other person. Also, you can throw ball through hoop by yourself to practice shooting. You can join to some local basketball clubs and become their member. You can take a part in some local competition. Ask about sport centres or local basketball clubs in your neighbourhood.

Basketball is great game because you do not need much equipment for playing it. You only need hoop, net and ball. Since the basketball is game that you need to run and jump a lot, it is advised to get things such as sport shoes that support ankle, guards for mouth, pads to protect your knees and elbows. These things can protect from injuries during the game.

Basket is very good and healthy sport for children. Kids will be active and the same time they will have some fun.

It is very important to know some things before playing basketball. First you should ask your doctor before starting game. Basketball is game that requires running, jumping, twisting and you can be injured. It is important to warm up your legs, joints, muscles and also you have to stretch them before starting this game. Basketball stresses your ankles, knees and legs. After basketball you need to cool down and stretch. Also, you need to drink some fluids, if not you will dehydrate. Do not play basketball excessively. Time of playing basketball depends on your condition and age. Basketball is great team and social sport.

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