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Child's Room is not a Playground
Almost all children nowadays have completely different playing habits than their parents had. This is mainly due to numerous lifestyle changes which occurred along with many technological breakthroughs. First of all, children are confined to their room choosing their computer, their game console or their TV as a means of entertainment. Although all of these choices do provide them with fun, not one can be considered healthy. Moreover, these activities cause them to sit still and not to be active at all, resulting in children obesity and poor physical condition. Thus, parents need to find ways of physically activating their children while keeping them interested and amused. Namely, there are numerous games they can play while being engaged both physically and mentally.
Interesting Healthy Activities for Children
One of the most interesting competitive games is coin drop relay race. This game requires strength, speed and concentration as well as teamwork, boosting children’s social as well as competitive skills. The rules are quite simple. A small box or any type of container is filled with pennies, toys or anything small but interesting and put at a certain distance. Teams are formed within children and at a mark they start racing to the box, taking one item and speeding back carrying it to their team. If they manage to bring the item back, their team player is up next. However, if they drop the item, another team player waits for the one who made the mistake and runs to fix it afterwards. The winner is the team with the most items after all had been taken and brought to the other side.
If we take more popular activities into consideration, basketball is one of the best choices. Physically demanding and rewarding, this beautiful sport has many thing to offer to your child. Apart from being active, children develop strategic, co-operative and social skills valuable later in life. They learn fair-play while avoiding aggression, again useful skills applicable in many walks of life.
Chess presents another highly recommendable game for children to play. Wonderful for their development of logics and strategy, this game boosts their intelligence and creativity while making them think and plan in quite an excess.
Finally, there are numerous other games like hide and seek, and many others that involve running, jumping, strategy and teamwork. What is more, most of these games are able to be played literally anywhere, so you do not have to force your child to train sports he or she may not like. Rather, by introducing the rules to his or her friends and/or neighbors, your child may play these daily, ensuring his or her daily activities, and proper physical and mental development.

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