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Judo is a world-wide known martial artsdiscipline and sport. It involves strength, tactics, endurance andwill of the one who chooses Judo as his or her sport.

Most Judo masters advise taking thissport at an early age. This attitude exists primarily because Judocan be very useful for the development of children, whether itconsiders their body or their psyche.

Children may gain many things from thissport. First of all, as with all other sports, they are provided witha fitness activity which will help their body to reach a correct formand fully develop in time. Additionally, Judo gives them somethingthey can organize their lives around, teaching them to be responsiblefor their actions and their arrangements further in life.

Being extremely good for reducing bodyweight, it can help children who are depressed and have lowerself-esteem because of this fact. What makes Judo different fromother sports is the useful characteristic of its violent factor.Namely, judo does involve teaching one how to defend him or herselfbut it also does that in a friendly environment. Children are exposedto each other, sharing experiences relying on each other whiletraining. Also, if one child shows violence to another, the otherwill respond in the same way making children realize that the harm toothers may be punishable and that violence, as such should beavoided.

Judo also involves the belts which standfor different levels achieved by those training this discipline. Thischaracteristic gives children a positive motivation and boosts theircompetitive spirit and skills while constantly putting the accent onfair play.

Concentrated on self-defense, Judohelps children to be able to stand up against bullies which mighthave tortured them daily before. This ability reduces the number ofbullies and aggressive children in general since they are, most ofthe time fed on the fear of other children. That fear being gone andthe child having enough self-esteem to stand up to the bully isanother benefit Judo may bring to your child's life.

It is not a coincidence that judo isbecoming more and more involved into the educational system. Clearly,it is a sport which can bring so much positive things to a child'slife and the life of children in general presenting a haven ofphysical and psychological development along with the learning ofimportant social skills usable later in life.

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