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In the past years, numerous studies have shown so manyreasons why people should spend limited amounts of time playing video games.Those studies have shown that video games may cause desensitization toviolence, obesity, aggressive behavior and obesity due to lack of physicalactivities.

Some newer studies have shown that certain types of videogames have no harmful effects and they even provide some skills associated withnew technologies, improves the vision and reflexes and helps in pain management.Some psychologists claim that playing video games gives the players a sense offreedom and accomplishment and helps them in feeling more connected in a socialway. When utilized in a proper way, video games can provide so many differentbenefits.

Video games improves the skills required for performing alaparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopy involves insertion of a viewing tube thatcontains a camera and through a small incision it examines the internal organs.

A course that contains a simulation of these skills provides the surgeons withnecessary knowledge. A study has shown that the surgeons who played games madefewer errors during the course, they were significantly faster when performingthe tasks and they had better overall scores that their colleagues who do notindulge in playing video games. The surgeons who played video games morefrequently were always the best in their group. Playing video games maypositively affect one’s training for science, engineering and surgery. Thestudies claim that the most beneficial types of games are those that involveperpetual motion and adjustments.

Some other studies have shown that people who play videogames more frequently have improved vision. The gaming provides them withimproved ability to read an eye chart commonly used in ophthalmology and makesthe score better on the visual acuity test.

Certain psychological studies have shown that video gamesthat involve fighting and sports significantly increase the levels of paindistraction. By being overwhelmed and somewhat mesmerized by the game, onecannot stop playing it. This condition can be used to take the patient’s mindoff during various therapy sessions or even dental procedures. Patients whorequire chemotherapy could also benefit from the distraction that video gamesprovides. Psychologists claim that video games can provide an effect that is similarto meditation, and because of that, patients do not focus on their pain somuch. Various scientists say that further research will show even morebeneficial effects of video games.

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