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Jigsaw puzzles are one of those games that can beentertaining for both adults and children. They have an exceptional educationalvalue. They always make a wonderful gift and are very beneficial in keeping themind active. Basic puzzles with less pieces can serve the purpose of an early toyfor babies, while the more complex puzzles with hundreds, even thousands ofpieces are more suited for adults as a hobby. Jigsaw puzzles have numerousphysical and mental benefits.

The benefits of jigsaw puzzles for children are numerous.The toy stores are always jam-packed with puzzles for all ages. The jigsawpuzzles are fun for children and they also help in boosting and developingcertain skills which will be more and more important and useful as childrenproceed towards later life. Even the simplest puzzles benefit the developmentof reasoning and the type of skills required for the solving of variousproblems. Puzzles are important in developing fine motor skills required forpicking the right pieces and slotting them into their place without breaking upthe rest of the complete puzzle. These actions can be complex at the beginning,but a child will slowly learn and develop these skills gradually.

The puzzlesimprove the coordination between the eyes and the hands and provide thechildren with a better understanding of colors and shapes. The subjects depictedon the puzzle can also be put to educational use. A puzzle that depicts numbersor the alphabet will be fun to complete but will also provide a child with theability to learn those numbers and letters and improve their knowledge. Selfesteem in a child will increase by solving different puzzles. Graduallychoosing more challenging puzzles will provide certain skills and teach thechildren how to solve problems by using various different approaches.

Many adults indulge in doing jigsaw puzzles as a hobby orperhaps when they get retired and have more time for such activities. Puzzlesare beneficial for adults in keeping the mind active using specific mentalskills. Jigsaw puzzles keep the minds of the adults alert and active. Doingjigsaw puzzles can be very beneficial in a physical way as well, especially inolder people, because it promotes manual dexterity. One other important benefitof doing jigsaw puzzles is that it is a very socially oriented activity since agroup of people may participate in doing a single jigsaw puzzle.

Jigsaw puzzles are always a perfect gift. They can even bepersonalized. There are also many websites that offer online jigsaws.

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