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Cricket is an outdoor game played with the bats and a ball which is lately becoming increasingly popular outside of England. Like any other sport or physical activity, cricket requires a proper warm-up, but there are also things to do in order to improve the game playing which are related to cricket only. Unlike some sports, skills are not all that is important when perfecting the ability to play cricket. Making sure to remain in good shape and obtain enough strength will have quite a desirable effect on the player. There are two forms in which the game on cricket is played and those are batting and fielding.

The role of a batsman in cricket

A batsman is a cricket player whose role is to hit the ball with the bat. Sometimes a batsman is obliged to stay in one place for several hours even. First of all, a batsman should be someone who’s perceptive and has keen eyesight. His focus should always stay on the ball so that he is completely prepared to hit it when the time comes. Also, his upper body parts will have to be quite developed, particularly the stomach area, and he will need to be able to hit the incoming ball with sufficient strength and run four circles afterward.

The role of a fielder in cricket

The role of a fielder in cricket is quite a demanding one, as they are required to have sufficient strength and energy to remain in the field for over five hours running for a ball or trying to catch it. The most important thing for a fielder to do is make sure not to stay completely idle with his mind wandering. Lightly jumping and stretching in one place when there is an adequate opportunity will keep the muscles active and prevent the possible sudden movements to provoke injuries, while concentrating on the ball and the course of action which will be followed when it comes to them.

The role of the bowler in cricket

A bowler in cricket is analogous to a pitcher in baseball. He requires a large amount of physical strength and very developed muscles because he is often expected to repeat his bowls over and over again. Therefore, for the bowler to both be successful and avoid painful injuries, he needs to be in perfect physical shape.

What can be concluded is that all the players have to be pretty fit and athletic. And although everyone should find their own way to maintain fitness, what is highly recommended for cricket players is aerobic training. Forms of aerobic such as rowing, running and cycling will keep a cricket player in shape like no other exercise and after that, all it takes to make for a really good player is a sufficient skill level.

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