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Yoga Vs Sports

Sports are a wonderful creations of thehuman society. These are the embodiments of our healthy, competitivespirit, team work, art, creativity and many other factors which makeus who we are. Also, sports require following certain sets of rulesand respecting the codes of fair play, just like life does. Thus, isa way, sports teach us how to live and appreciate others in order tobe appreciated and capable of expressing ourselves in return.

However, many people who are intosports lose their touch once they become too popular. This is due tothe pressure of the great expectation all professionalathletes have to cope with. Many people have desires, hopes, dreams and wishes whichare based on the performance of a specific sports team or a sportsperson. This pressure often can cause bad performance and lead to thedownfall of the quality of the sport itself, once money, interest,entertainment and industry get their hands on a sport or aperson playing it.

Therefore, every sports person needs todevelop a certain serenity and be aware of it, recognizinghim/herself during the whole procedure. Only when you are happy andcarefree can you truly achieve your best. This is where yoga andsports intertwine, since they have this crucial mutual factor.

Yoga and Sports

Yoga is also a kind of a competitiveskill. Namely, people indulge into yoga and practice it, perfectingtheir skills up to infinite levels. Others look up to them and try toachieve the same. However, yoga is not about competition. Rather itis about learning about yourself and pushing yourself forward,advancing through life through self-recognition. Sports should belike that as well. People should play sports for self-expression andrelease of their creativity rather than for mere, raw competition andanimal instincts of survival on the field.

Meditation, closely connected to yoga,helps you manage your inner self and achieve relaxation levelsnecessary for ultimate self-improvement and performance in life. Inthe same way, athletes need to learn how to take control of theirbehavior, be relaxed and concentrated during their games and manageto indulge into their sport passion brilliantly.

The same is with cricket. You need tocontrol your body perfectly in order to bring high quality into thegame. Therefore, you need to possess certain qualities too. Thetheory of yoga teaches you all the necessary things you can alsointroduce in sports like cricket. Yoga, beinga hobby for most people, just as sports are to many individuals, canteach us how to perfect our methods of living or playing thatspecific sport discipline.

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