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There is not a person in the world that does not know what football (American football) is. It presents one of the most popular sports around the world and a vast majority of people follow it on television or go to the matches supporting their favorite team. This sport has some unique elements of game-play and physical contact that makes it unique and different from the lot, thus only more interesting to follow, join and explore. What is more interesting, however, is that football has many positive influences on the body of the person training and playing it. Some of its elements are proven to be incredibly helpful in living a healthy life.

Football, as many other sports, provides physical exercise. If played from a young age it can help in forming one's body and strength as well as developing muscle and bone structure during life. Since it involves physical fitness in order to obtain stamina, speed, agility, strength and many more traits needed for playing, this sport ensures the player to be a healthy man in ideal condition, obtaining more and more energy while playing it. Having such a healthy “hobby”, one is less prone to be endangered by heart diseases as well as bone and muscle ones.

Adrenaline rushes from playing football help in stress release making those playing it more calm and less prone to depression and aggressive behavior in life outside the field. Since football relies on team work, people playing it get to develop these important social skills through it and are likely to use them and apply them in their own social life. Communication and bonding with team mates adds on to the development of the above mentioned social skills. Planning and strategy creation abilities are explored and practiced, all applicable in real-life situations.

As for human and humane traits of this sport, it teaches those playing it how to be proud of their successes but not boastful at the same time, respecting the opposite team as well as accepting both the opponent's and own defeat and failure as a productive way of self criticism and a cause for self-improvement.

Team mates often become friends since they spend a significant amount of time on the field and they get to know each other very well and transfer that bonding outside the field itself.

We could say that this world we live in is a field, life being the sport. It does require skills we acquire by living, indulging difficulties and self-developing. Football is nothing more than a microcosm of life itself, and many things learned there can be applied in life itself.

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