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Losing weight requires determination and the ability to stick to a weight loss plan. Dieting will help your body to lose weight, but a diet must be accompanied by a proper exercise regime. This article will try to give you some tips as to how to go about setting yourself an exercise plan that will suit you.


It is important to stretch regularly in order to maintain a flexible body. Stretching can help with posture and might also help burn off a few extra pounds. Stretching is safe and fun, but be sure not to over exert yourself while doing it.

Try this stretching regime to start off with. Touch your toes and hold the stretch for around ten seconds. Then, stand up straight once more and stretch your arms skyward. Hold this position for the same amount of time. Next, put your left arm behind your back with the elbow pointed to the ceiling. Your right arm should be placed on the left elbow. Bend to the right and vice versa, making sure to change hands.

Next, place your hands on your hips and swivel gently from one side to another. Try to do about ten reps on each side. The next stretch requires you to sit on the ground with legs extended in front of you. Reach down and try to put your hands as close to the feet as they will go. Remain in this position for ten seconds.

Cardiovascular and aerobic training

This type of training will increase the power of your lungs and heart. Low cardiovascular health will lead to tiredness and fatigue. This type of exercise can be quite simple; try running, jogging, walking, swimming or even rock climbing. Try to enjoy the exercises you are getting, as this will help you in the long run. Make sure to work out past your comfort zone. If you don’t push yourself, you will not make gains.

At the gym, try exercises using the treadmills, rowing machines and stair steppers. Diverse use of these machines can give you a great workout. Start with the treadmill and run for about five minutes. The next step should be the stair stepper. Five minutes of this should be followed by about five minutes on the rowing machine. As your fitness increases, you will be able to up the intensity of the workout.

If possible, ensure that you incorporate some strength training into your regime, as stronger muscles will burn fat quicker than weaker ones.

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