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Many of us will have wished at some point that we were slightly taller than we are. These feelings may be increased if our social circle includes several tall people. It is possible that by performing some limb lengthening exercises one will eventually be able to increase ones height. The exercises are relatively simple, yet can be effective with regard to height gain if undertaken correctly.


A kicking exercise is proposed as being beneficial to height gain. The first kick we will look at is the snap kick. In order to perform this kick, first raise the right leg, making sure that the thigh is parallel to the ground. Try to make a quick, snapping kick. Only the right knee should be moved. A straight leg kick requires raising the whole leg into the air. Try to do about twenty repetitions of each kick, with both legs.


Cycling is often stated to be beneficial with regard to growing taller. However, it might be more effective to fix the bike saddle a few centimeters higher than normal in order to increase the stretching of the legs. Of course, this will be safer when using a stationary bike.


Swimming works out all the limbs, and might thus hold some height-increasing benefits. Try performing a breast stroke four or five times for about ten or fifteen minutes with a five minute break in between each set.


Jumping might also carry some benefits in this regard. A good way to undertake jumping exercises would be to jump on to a bench and then back on to the ground. This process should be performed rapidly and repeatedly. Try to do about three sets of ten. Another jumping exercise would be to simply stand on one spot and attempt to jump as high as you can. Again, look to do about three sets of ten leaps.


Pilates can be great for increasing height. One good pilates exercise is the leg kick. Lie down on one side and rest your head on your arm, which should be bent. Raise one leg upwards and hold for about ten seconds. Perform ten repetitions on both legs.

Leg stretches

A good natural way to increase ones height is, quite simply, to stretch the legs. Stretching helps to relax the leg muscles. It might also help with regard to stimulating the bones to grow. One yoga position, known as the tadasana, is said to be effective in this regard. To perform this position, stand against a wall and stretch the ankles, thighs, shoulders and hands as far you can. Hold the pose for about 15 seconds.

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