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Workout Without a Gym

There are situations in everyone's life when we are just not able to visit the gym for one reason or the other. Rest assured that there are means of getting plenty of exercise while not leaving your home. Your main workout machine will be your body with addition of several useful pieces of furniture. All you need is strong will and a bit of creativity.

Warm Up

It is extremely important to stretch and warm up before doing any exercising. Thus, divide up to 10 min of your workout time to this activity. Jump around, run a bit, climb the stairs up and down, or do anything similar in order to get your organism in the right mood for the following exercises. Additionally, make sure you stretch before and between exercises, relaxing your muscles. Also, taking into consideration that one of our limbs is always stronger, start with your own stronger limb, once you decide to perform exercises concentrated upon a sole body part.

The Workout Program

The first exercise involves placing one of your legs on a chair behind you, keeping it straight at all times. The other leg is to be bent in the knee and your body lowered slowly paying attention to keeping your back and torso straight. After bending return to initial position and repeat around 10 times, swapping the legs afterwards.

The second exercise involves a unique type of push ups. Namely, before starting create a semi-circle on the floor in front of you. Make it consist of things with different heights. Then, with your legs resting on their toes or knees, perform push ups having your hands on the items from the semi-circle. After doing a push up, move on to another two items, performing an additional one, and so on. Ten repetitions would be enough.

Next, stand on a single leg, keeping the other near to the ground, resting your hands on a wall or a chair for support. Then, lower your standing leg as much as you can, horizontally stretching the other one.

Alternatively, you may perform push ups or other similar exercises while placing your hands on a chair put next to a wall. Make sure your wrists are not strained and your body is in a 90 degrees angle.

Also, while holding a heavy object in your hands, with your feet wide and your toes spread, while keeping your body straight, try to move your hips from left to right. You may also try to move with your upper body facing a wall, relying on your elbows and keeping the rest of your body as low as possible.

Finally, by standing straight with your feet at your shoulder width, gently bent in the knees, hold something heavy close to your chest and try to stretch your hamstrings as much as you can.

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