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Which One Is Better?

Those who desire to make a` small home gym where they can stay fit by doing some good cardio exercises often find themselves in a quandary. Namely, there are numerous TV shows and magazines saying how elliptical machines are the best possible choices for these purposes. On the other hand, the same types of media also tend to claim stair steppers to be without a match when it comes to losing extra pounds and toning your body. Obviously, there are differences between these two devices. Still, this can only lead to more confusion since you are having a hard time selecting the right one for your purpose. In order to help with this issue, the following lines will provide you a compare and contrast presentation of both of the elliptical exercising devices and the stair steppers.

The Gauntlet

As the battle for your selection begins, you need to focus upon the impact on your joints while you are exercising. So a device that can give you minimal impact in order to exercise freely and be healthy in the long run, should be one to consider.

An elliptical exercising machine is bound to win this round since it provides maximum force absorption, due to the position of its pedals and the way it works. On the other hand, stair steppers, even though they also have pedals, require you to raise your knees and bend them, increasing chances of injury.

Next, if we are to discuss the involvement of muscles in the exercising process, we must note that the elliptical machine involves pedaling in different directions, engaging many muscles of our lower body, at the same time toning our arms as well, due to the fact that it has arm handles which are also included in the exercising process. The stair stepper is also a very good exercise machine, but only for your lower body, while neglecting the upper part. Looks like the elliptical has the advantage here.

If we are to take the overall effect into consideration, stair steppers provide good exercise, but they are quite demanding and can tire you out quicker than you want. However, with elliptical machines, the impact is much lower, allowing you to exercise longer and burn more calories without overdoing it. Thus, the elliptical reigns supreme in this category too.

With regards to stair stepper machines, they are far more compact and easier to store away once you are done with exercising. However, they are more expensive than the elliptical machines. Actually, all the above advantages make the elliptical machine a clear winner, and will provide you with endurance, burnt calories and fitness at an affordable price.

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