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The limbs can be protected against injuries and the legs can be stronger ifyou practice hamstring exercises without the use of weights. We will talk aboutthis issue in the following text. The back area of the thighs is the placewhere muscle group called hamstring is placed and strengthening of these muscleshas been a problem for many people, since they are unsure about the way in which thesemuscles can be made stronger. Expensive machines are not required for strengthening hamstring muscles. They can surely be helpful, but they are veryexpensive, which may be a problem for most people. There are good news sincethese muscles can be stronger with some exercises that require no weights.

Exercises at Home

Exercises we are talking about may be very beneficial on your body sincethey can reduce the time associated with recovery of hamstring injury andimprove the hamstring flexibility. To do the exercise called hamstring sitting stretch, you need to sit on thefloor with legs placed straight, then you should bend forward, but do not bend your back orknees. Continue stretching until you reach the furthermost point and remain inthis position for ten to fifteen seconds. Remember to do this from three to four timesduring the day.

Hamstring Standing Stretch

This exercises is not done while sitting but standing, and in the starting position, stand straight and then try to move the left leg, while the rightone suffers the weight of the body. Remember that the left knee cannot be bentbut it needs to be straight. Then lean forward with hands placed on the left leg andthis position will produce certain stretch due to the position of your hips.Remain in this position for twenty to twenty five minutes and once you regain normal position, do the same with the right leg.

Supine Hamstring Stretch

Runners will mostly benefit from this exercise, which is done while lying onthe back and with legs placed in straight position. In this position, the right leg needs tobe lifted, while the thighs need to be pulled towards the chest with both hands. During this stage, the knees need to be bent slightly. For 10 to 15 secondsstay in this position, which will produce stretch emotion, and do the same forother foot once you return to normal position.

Lying Hamstrings Curls with Exercise Ball

This exercise is done while lying on your back, with hands behind head andball between the legs. Place pressure on the ball, bring it in the air andtouch the buttocks with it. Then start to straighten the legs slowly and placethe ball on the ground. Do this exercise from fifteen to twenty times a day for goodresults. By doing these exercises the fat on the legs will be reduced and they willbe more attractive.

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