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Getting in Shape With a Stair Stepper

Stair steppers are often subjects of controversy since many do not believe in their effectiveness. Yet, they always seem to find people who are willing to purchase them, exercise at home and show incredible results. Basically, as the name of these devices may suggest, stair steppers are machines which simulate the demanding process of climbing stairs, enabling one to enjoy this excellent cardio exercise without having to leave his/her flat, or search for any stairs. Depending on the type of this machine, it might contain several real steps which might move as those in supermarkets do. However, the principles behind some other machines of this type may be different. Still, they all provide you with an effective workout which may get your body in excellent shape and help you lose any extra pounds while making your muscles tight and well toned.

Effective Stair Stepper Workout

Since posture and overall shape are very important in exercising, here, this is no exception. Thus, use the handles on these devices for support only, keeping your back straight and your posture correct. Focus all of your weight to your legs and the muscles of your lower body. Next, make sure you are stepping on these pedals as firmly as you can, using your whole feet and keeping your knees bent at all times for ultimate balance and support. Be careful with your steps, making sure you do not fall or slip. Rather, keep distance between legs and do the exercises as carefully as possible. Finally, never start without warming up and stretching. Also, apply stretching once you are finished with your daily workout.

After setting up the machine so that it fits you perfectly, you might start with a 10 minute, low intensity workout, just to get you going. Once you do this, increase the intensity and go with it for about 10 minutes, decreasing it sometime before you finish.

Alternatively, when in a gym, you might combine the stair stepper with other devices such as rowing machines, treadmills etc. This is best done by dedicating about 2 minutes to each machine, for about 30 minutes.

Also, modify the machine to suit your likings best, and feel free to experiment with it, using all the workout possibilities it offers, mixing them into the best possible workout routine, bound to get those pounds off your body, make your muscles tight and provide you with stamina and endurance applicable in your daily grind.

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