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Back fat is an unpleasant thought for many women. It certainly is not something you set out to gain but it somehow just appears over time. It prevents you from wearing that beautiful back less dress you bought and it makes you have to choose your clothes very wisely.

What is Back Fat

Basically any surplus fat that you consume will go directly to your legs, hips and back. This type of fat will give you the love handle appearance but can also cause you to suffer with back pain. Unfortunately upon the discovery of your own back fat, most people tend to dramatically lose their confidence and even become depressed. Depression in many people will show itself through over eating and this response will of course lead to added back fat.

Lower Back Fat Workouts

If you want to follow an exercise regime that targets your back fat, you may want to divide the exercises into upper back and lower back to ensure you are targeting all areas of concern. First let’s look at the lower back exercises. Exercise one. You need to lie down over an exercise ball on your stomach, keeping your neck and your upper body parallel to the ground. Your legs can be just a little wider than your shoulders. You must keep your hands placed behind your head and in a slow motion lift your upper body to a position above the ball and stay there for five seconds and then go back to the start position. Exercise two. For this exercise you need to lie down on your stomach and keep your forehead on the floor. You need to lift your hands and stretch them in front and at the same time ensure your legs are stretched out behind you. Now, gradually lift your right hand and your left leg as high as you can and lower and repeat.Upper Back Fat Workouts

Exercise one. You will need to stand straight with your legs and shoulders an equal distance apart with your hands placed on your hips. Going from the waist you need to twist your body to the left side so you can feel it pulling and then repeat this to the other side. Exercise two. This is an easy exercise, you need to stand straight up with your hands on your hips. From this position you can bend down and attempt to touch your toes. This will allow you to stretch your back out as well as helping the stomach muscles at the same time.

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