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Exercise is one of the best ways to prevent the occurrence of obesity. If one is obese, the best way to lose weight is to start slowly and gradually build up the intensity of exercise over time. There are many benefits to being physically active, particularly with regard to reducing the risk of the onset of certain medical conditions. Losing weight can boost self esteem and reduce depression and anxiety.

Exercise and obesity
If you are obese and getting ready to embark on an exercise regime, it is important to make sure to combine the regime with a properly balanced diet. Make sure to avoid saturated fat and lower the amount of calories that one takes in. Exercising can be great with regard to reducing the risk of heart disease or stroke, hypertension, colon cancer, and diabetes. If we are physically active, we might also be able to avoid fracturing bones. This is especially true for older adults.
Exercise can also keep bones, joints, and muscles healthy. One can also manage stress and anxiety through the undertaking of regular exercise. Joint swelling and arthritis can also be staved off, at least temporarily, through exercise. One might also be able to sleep better as a result of exercising regularly.
When beginning an exercise regime, start slowly. Make sure you allow your body time to adjust to the new activity. Ensure that you warm up properly before undertaking exercise. This will get you ready for exercise. Spend at least a few minutes warming up prior to exercising. Similarly to this, make sure to cool down after exercising. If you have been walking or running fast, gradually slow down to a slow walk and try to include a post-exercise stretching routine in your exercising regime. This will protect your heart, relax the muscles, and keep one from becoming hurt.
Try to set goals for yourself, both short term and long term. For example, set a short term goals of walking for five to ten minutes each day. For the long term aims, aim to perform around thirty minutes of activity each day. If necessary, reward yourself for successful reaching your goals. Buy yourself a small present as a reward for successfully reaching your targets.
If you need to, get some support and track your progress. If you cant handle longer exercise routines each day, try breaking the sessions up into three ten minute slots, for example, if you are aiming to exercise for half an hour each day.

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