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People that are involved with the sports, especially tennis may suffer with a condition called tennis elbow. This condition lasts a long time unfortunately and the only way to treat it is to be patient and to rest.

What is Tennis Elbow?

Lateral epicondylitis is the medical term known to most of us as tennis elbow. This condition is caused by repetitive stress to the elbow joint and will cause a person to feel pain and notice swelling in the area. As stated, it can affect sports people like golfers, gardeners, carpenters, bowlers, racquet players, housekeepers, and even industrial workers and it will also include anyone that has an occupation that insists on repeated activities using the hands and the forearm. To treat tennis elbow as much as relaxation is important, so is some specific exercises that involve strengthening the muscles in the forearm and boosting the flexibility. In most people this form of exercises will lend a hand to relieve elbow pain in around a month to a month and a half. Each of the stretching exercises is done for fifteen seconds and then reiterated three more times and this model is done five times a day.

Exercise Number one and Two for Tennis Elbow

The first exercise involves stretching out the muscles that are in charge of extending the wrist. This muscle is called the extensor muscles. You need to straighten out your forearm and allow yourself to push your palm downwards, this should cause you to feel the stretching along your forearm.

The second exercise is designed to help you stretch the muscles that are in charge of Flexing the wrist, this muscle is called the flexor muscle. To do this you need to straighten your arm out completely with your palm facing up. You have to push your palm in a downward direction to stretch it out. The strengthening exercises should be done two times each day. It is advisable that you sit down in a comfortable chair to do them. If you can, use the aid of a hammer or anything with a similar weight. It is suggested to do this between thirty and fifty times, two times per day.

Exercise Number Three for Tennis Elbow

This exercise is used to strengthen your wrist extensor muscle by grasping a weight with your palm downward facing. Now you need to lengthen your wrist up so you can feel the pull back.

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