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Losing the extra weight is extremely important, not because you will look fit and attractive, but because your health is endangered with the continuous presence of extra fat tissue. How is that possible? First of all, you probably do know the feeling of getting tired easily. It is not because you do not exercise, it is because you carry extra weight with you and therefore, you need more energy for daily activities than someone who does not have obesity problem. Also, excessive weight is usually followed by increased cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides in bloodstream, which can cause medical problems if present over a long period. We are talking about diabetes and heart related problems, and some may even add depression to this group.

Reduction of weight

There are so many helping advice available today when it comes to losing weight, but the formula is relatively simple: eat less and move more, nothing more than that. Unfortunately, it is not that easy for some. Too much extra weight, not much time and patience can create a lot of problems for those who want to lose weight, for health or any other reason. Therefore, the situation should be made as easier as possible. Weight watchers point system chart is one of those helpers. It presents each and every food with points and that also goes for many physical activities. Reducing the activity points from food points will make a number of calories taken in a day. A regime that includes 800 to 1200 calories per day for women, and some more for men, is enough for effective weight reduction. It might seem a bit strict, but the number of calories can be increased within the normal range, of course. It might make the weight reduction a bit slower, but it will make things easier for those who have problems with changing the old, bad eating habits.


It is important to be cautious, especially when it comes to dieting. Even though there are many diets advertised as safe and natural, each and every daily amount of calories taken needs to have a proper amount of all nutrients our body actually needs. This means that the majority of calories must come from carbs, less from proteins and minimum from fats. All that is left is a bit of tweaking of this ratio for inducing the fat burning process. Also, before starting any diet or physical activity, a medical consultation should take place.

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