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While pregnant, women should be careful regarding eating. Diet may be used, but only if it is needed. Diets are usually prescribed to pregnant women who have increased glucose levels in the bloodstream, or if there are some endocrine problems present. If pregnant women have problems with nausea and vomiting, they might try some diet. Also, preeclampsia situation requires a certain diet.


Diet should be created by a nutritionist, because pregnancy is a very sensitive period for women, and they should always take enough of nutrients, because that will ensure the proper growth of the baby. Basic rules about dieting while pregnant is that there should be a lot of meals and those meals should be small in portion sizes, a lot of fruits and veggies should be used. Also, healthy meat may be used because of proteins and iron (poultry, for example). Pork should not be used much, while low fat dairy products are also essential because of calcium. Concentrated sugars and saturated fat should be avoided because that is nothing more than bad, useless calories. Also, food rich in artificial flavors and coloring should be avoided. Prepared food should be fresh, because there is a possibility of mercury in traces present in conserved food.


Pregnant women who suffer from diabetes should definitely have a nutritionist create a dieting plan for them. In most cases of mother suffering from diabetes, the baby at delivery usually has more weight than average but it lacks in development of other systems. If a woman has a lot of nausea problems in first three months, she should also take care of what she eats. For such women, it is important to eat always at same period, which will eliminate hunger effectively. They should also drink a lot of water and certain tea brands that might help with nausea. Sprinkle water may also be helpful here. Solid food and food prepared with oil should be reduced, which also goes for food rich in carbs. Fruits and veggies are important because fruits have so-called good sugars with low GI index. Green vegetables will ensure there is enough of iron and folic acid.

If there are no major medical problems, then a pregnant woman should eat normally, only increasing the calories value for a couple of hundreds of calories per day. And that is more than enough for the baby. Unfortunately, many pregnant women become scared thinking they are not eating enough and that their baby will not have enough pounds. This situation easily leads to obesity.

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