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What exactly is low impact cardio?

Low impact cardio is a workout plan, which is very frequently recommended for people who could benefit from exercises that are easy on the joints, but tough on the heart. Those people include pregnant women, overweight people, as well as those who suffer from injuries of connective tissue, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other conditions that affect joints. This exercise plan consists of a series of cardio moves which are performed for a period of time. As for the pausing between the exercises, either there is none, or it is very short. There is a number of exercises that can be done, but it is suggested to do only those that do not cause any pain and to avoid those that simply don’t feel right. Cardiovascular exercises help in burning calories and losing extra pounds, as well as in building fitness.

Low impact cardio exercises

Walking exercise is particularly good for bad knees, but it is important to bear in mind that picking up the pace helps in increasing the intensity, and it is recommended to add an occasional steep hill, since it will affect the number of burned calories. The intensity can be changed by swinging your arms while walking, or by holding weights, although the latter is not recommended. Walking up a mountain, for example, is perfect not only as a low impact cardio exercise, but also as an exercise that will affect gluteal muscles, hips and thighs. Climbing the stairs is great for increasing the heart rate, and it is very intense. What is good about it is that stairs at home can be used as well, or stepmill at the gym, but it is necessary to be fast. Step aerobics is also a great choice for getting the heart rate up witha minimum of jumping around. An elevated platform is necessary, and intensity can be increased if the person uses arms while exercising. Swimming is particularly recommended for people with joint problems, because the body has to work against the water resistance, which adds to the intensity of the workout. Bikes, either regular or stationary exercise bikes, are a good choice, but it is important to change the speed and the resistance in order to see results. Elliptical trainers are also a very popular choice and highly recommended as a part of low impact cardio plan, because they provide all the benefits of running, and the joints are not under too much strain. The intensity and the length can be changed, which is also an advantage.

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