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We can burn calories just by doing normal everyday activities, and even during the night while we sleep. This happens due to our Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). BMR is a rate in which our body burns calories just by doing normal daily activities, and this rate is responsible for almost 70% of calories burned during the day.

About 10% of calories daily burned come from thermogenesis. Thermogenesis actually means processing the food we ate. Other 90% of calories get expended due to our daily activities. This means that the amount of burned calories depends on the level of our daily activities. That also means that, if we increase the level of our daily activities, we will increase the calorie combustion.

Eat in Adequate Amounts

Never exercise with an empty stomach. Your body needs fuel in order to get the most from your training program. In addition, you can work out harder and longer if you have enough calories to burn. Eat at least an hour and a half before exercising. This way your body will have enough energy to endure hard training, and also, your metabolism rate will increase, and that means that your body will burn calories even when resting.

As it is said, eat at least an hour and a half before a workout because if exercising with a full stomach you can get stomach cramps and problems with digesting the food you just ate. Furthermore, don't postpone your exercising too long after having a meal since your body will start using the energy source for basic body functions, and you will not be ready as you should be for a hard workout.

Always Warm Up

Always warm up before exercising. Warming up should last for at least 5 minutes. This will prepare your muscles for the upcoming training. You do not need to stretch if you are doing strength exercises (although it never hurts to stretch), but you must stretch before aerobic exercises in order to avoid injury.

Aerobic exercises are great for burning calories. One comprehensive workout program should include warming up, aerobic exercises or cardio exercises and strength exercise.

Stay Active

Keep yourself going during all day. This will make your BMR higher, and that means that you will burn more calories just by performing daily activities, not to mention exercising. Everyday activity can be useful: cleaning, playing with children, walking to the store, etc. On the end of the day take a good rest. It is important to keep yourself off the couch. Daily exercise program and daily activities will enable adequate calories combustion during the day and increase your Basal Metabolic Rate.

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