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In the following text, we will discuss on differences between two types of exercises - weight and cardio exercises. They are different in many ways and we will see in which. Each of them has its purpose, and increases of the metabolic rate, strengthening of the muscles and burning of the fat are purposes of cardio training. The body's metabolic rate can be increased due to some vigorous activities, like aerobic process, on which cardiovascular training is based. Strength training or weight training has one main purpose and it is to build muscles and make them stronger. Both of these two types of exercises affect the body in different way.
Cardiovascular Exercises
Bicycling, walking, running and swimming are most effective cardiovascular exercises. Fat can be burned effectively with the help of aerobic exercises. Jumping, spinning, sprinting, elliptical training, skiing, rowing, racquetball and rock climbing are some other activities contained by cardiovascular training. These exercises help the blood to be more oxygenated, which leads to the muscle blood supply and metabolic rate increase. Due to these exercises, calories will burn and body will become fit. Also, it will increase stamina, boost the immune system and improve mental health. The health of the muscles might help you avoid medical problems, such as heart disease, but it will also reduce anxiety, depression and stress due to the endorphins release.
Weight Training Exercises
The endurance of the muscles, strength and tone of the body muscles will be affected and improved by the use of weight training exercises. With the help of these exercises, you can have greater muscle mass, make the stabilizer muscle strong and place the body in a natural motion range. It can lead to improved personality and bring your body in much greater shape. The exercises will help you avoid problems such as osteoporosis. These exercises can be used for fat burning, but they are much more effective when muscle building is concerned. Weight vs.Cardio for Weight Loss in this section, cardiovascular training will be more effective. Do cardio if you want to reduce your weight, since more calories can be burned with cardio exercises. During 40 minutes of weight training, you will lose 140 calories, while 520 calories will be burned by running, walking or swimming in the same time span. Muscles will gain more during weight training, but fewer calories are burned. So, if you want to reduce your body mass, do cardio exercises.
There are risk involved such as dehydration, torn muscles and body fatigue, which needs to be avoided and for this, it is best to consult a trainer prior to beginning the training. This goes for both trainings, so remember never to exaggerate with the weight used during exercises and try to increase the weight gradually. Also, remember that the best results may come from the combination of both of these training types.

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