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Whether it is a low-carb or low fat, or a well-known cabbage soup diet, it is good to know that they’re all fad diets, those we can see on the commercials every day. Their common characteristic is that of being very hard to follow, and they also come with the ping-pong effect, (the one of gaining the lost pounds back). That is, they don’t provide a long-time effect which we all are looking forward to during the diet.

Not so long ago, the most popular was the low-carb diet. That regime includes eating tasteful foods, rich with proteins, but low in carbs, such as meat and butter. But, there are a lot of new and trendy fad diets, like detox diet, macrobiotic diet, and grapefruit diet. But, the problem is that those diets only help people to lose weight for a short period of time, and they are designed that way. And more important, excluding any of the necessary nutrients will probably lead to an illness. That happens often when the balance of the nutrients is damaged.

So, the best advice is to eat all the nutrients, but there must be more burnt down calories than eaten. Therefore, variety of foods does matter.

Also, cutting-down the portions is very important, because it is well-known that the portion sizes in America have increased through the time, and that there is a serious problem of obesity. So, the advice is that the normal portion of meat should not be larger than a palm, for example. Also, the food should be served in smaller plates, one shouldn’t eat more than one portion, and of course, fruits and vegetables should be added.Here is some advice for healthy weight loss:

One should eat whole-grain bread, fruits and vegetables of different colors, omega-3 fats (e.g. from fish) and olive oil. Undesirable things are: saturated fats, fried foods, and of course, fast-food. Saturated fats are found in cheese, cream and butter. And, of course, the animal fats are saturated also.

A good tip is also not to have any of the foods that should be avoided in the kitchen. It is good to eat smaller portions, but at least 4 of them a day. If the sense of hunger is felt, vegetables and fruits should be eaten. In that case, \"empty calories\" like sweets should be avoided.And finally, but not the least important, is the advice one could get from a registered dietician.

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