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Weight reduction process can be started easily and even maintained throughout the diet (with or without exercising). The problem is in the fact that many people simply cannot live constantly with dieting and exercising. It is not easy always avoiding delicious but somewhat unhealthy food and performing training sessions several times a week. There is not much that can be done here, because the diets should transform into healthy eating and exercising can be reduced to three times a week. If a person stops exercising but continues with controlled eating, lost pounds will not return, but there are so many positive effects created by increased physical activity that it would be shame not to continue with it.

A perfect body

Reaching a perfect body is not easy, even if a person is completely dedicated to exercising and dieting. This is because we all have different body structures, fat to muscle ratio, bone mass, basal metabolism rate etc. And also, there are some areas in the human body that might be a little difficult to tone perfectly and eliminate complete fat tissue from there. One of the most problematic regions is abdominal area, belly, or tummy. To reduce tummy fat, performing all sorts of exercises for abs is simply not enough. This is because with exercises that focus abdominal muscles only abs will become strong and ripped, but there is a chance they will not be visible thanks to the fat tissue that covers it. This means that for elimination of that fat tissue, cardio exercises must be performed, but those that will activate the entire body and will reduce fat from all areas, including the abdominal. There are running, swimming, aerobics, many different cardio workouts that also target abdominal area but in a slightly different way. Also, it is recommended to try several different workouts because of a different type of physical strain it puts abdominal region into.


It is important to eat properly and healthy and to not have big meals. Big amounts of food will only increase the diameter of intestines thus increasing the tummy. Also, water should be taken in as much as possible, but recommended over the entire day. Water is very important because it has a small role in everything - a little bit in intestinal cleansing, a bit in appetite suppression (when stomach is full with water, no food can be placed there), and it is needed during workout because of a sweating process.

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