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When it comes to excessive weight, there are only two waysof dealing with it, healthy and unhealthy. We could say that all thoserestrictive diets create an unhealthy group and we would not be far from thetruth. Why is that?


Fast diets are the problem. Most of those will really helpyou in losing some weight, but the problem is that those pounds will usuallyreturn. The most important thing is to use mental dieting, which means thatpeople should learn how to deal with urges to eat something sweet, somethinggreasy with tons of calories (and yet so delightful). It seems that thebiggest problem are the bad eating habits. Once those are gone, the real healthyeating can start. Healthy eating must include 5 meals. Of course, it is logical that the amount of food is smaller thanwith 3 meals. Constant eating will keep the digestive process up and runningall the time, which is excellent for basal metabolism rate and fat burning.Meals should include all the major nutrients, carbs mostly, less proteins and fatsminimally, with required amounts of vitamins and minerals.


Even though dieting is excellent and needed for effectiveweight loss, exercising should be included, because it will shape the body andmake the muscles stronger, which is also great for the overall health of theorganism. When it comes to fat burning, cardio workout should be applied morethan just a regular muscle mass building. Building muscles also burns fat tissue, but not as much as cardioexercises. The difference between those two workout types is in the use ofoxygen. In cardio exercising, contraction is slow, which allows the oxygen toactively participate in the process, preventing the creation of the lacticacid, which is the main factor of the muscle tiredness and exhaustion. Musclemass building utilizes faster contractions without the oxygen.

Belly fat

Certain body areas cannot get rid of the fat tissue easily andthat might be a problem, especially when it comes to esthetics. One of the mostproblematic regions is the belly area (especially for men). But, there shouldnot be any specific methods for dealing with this problem, at least not other than theregular ones. Also, it has to be said that cardio workout is excellent forthose who want to melt belly fat faster. Cardio workout will burn fat in the entire organism equally, so eventually, belly fat will be gone too.

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