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If your hair is beautiful and well cared you will look beautiful too. Hair is our gift, our fashion detail something that is unique for each one of us.
If you have a new hair-cut you instantly look and feel different. As well as your whole body your hair needs proper care. Avoid dyeing it too much as it can become weak and stiff and can start breaking.
Pay attention on what you eat; correct food choice will improve the quality of your hair. Air pollution, central heating, air condition ruin hair. We can divide the types of hair into fine, medium-textured or coarse hair. The type of your hair is something that you could not choose it was simply given to you by your genes and race. You hair can start changing as you are getting older.
The easiest to deal with is medium textured hair. It usually looks nice and it has enough volume as opposed to thin type of hair. Coarse hair can look very pretty but can be heavy, frizzy, curly and difficult to arrange the way you would like it to be.
The quantity of pigment in your hair as well as the shape of it will determine the color of it.
Hair's natural condition is another factor that shows the type of your hair. Therefore people have normal, oily or dry hair. Depending on these characteristics different hair requires different care. Common problem among all types is dandruff, scalp that itches and dry and split ends.
In order to prevent dandruff and flaky scalp you need to make careful choice of your shampoo and to choose several home remedies to strengthen the effect. Some home remedies for itchy scalp is adding apple cider vinegar into water that you will rinse your hair with or applying hot oil such as olive oil into your scalp.
Certain herbs can prevent hair loss and stimulate growth of new hair. If a woman is pregnant her hair will usually look excellent. Usage of certain herbs can keep it like that. In winter times your hair needs even more attention. Cold, polluted and damp weather will destroy any hair cut too.
The most important thing to do is choose the shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. Bear in mind that you have shampoo for normal hair, oily hair, damaged hair etc. Try to find natural shampoos without chemical overload. Another necessary choice is a right conditioner. Good conditioner will soften your hair and return its shine. If you find conditioner that really suits you, your hair will look like silk.
If you want to color your hair bear in mind that colors can be permanent or semi-permanent. Use natural colorings without ammoniac. Avoid bleaching your hair since it is very invasive treatment. If you really want to bleach your hair professional needs to do it.
You can rinse your hair with Chamomile tea. This is good for people who have blond or light brown hair. Chamomile has soothing properties and therefore is good for your scalp too. Massaging your scalp will keep it moisturized and will prevent dandruff. You can massage it with different oils such as lavender oil. Massaging scalp is great way to relax your whole body.
If your hair is healthy enough it is very elastic. It can stretch 20 to 30 percent before it breaks. Famous are tricks with hair performed by Chinese circus acrobats. Interesting fact about human hair is that it has more strength than a copper wire that is equally thick.

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