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Fashion dictates are changing not only by the decade but by the year too. Straight hair was not very popular in the eighties, but ever since late nineties and early 2000’s it has become something of an imperative. Even people with extremely curly hair want to have smooth, long and straight hair but the process of getting there can be quite difficult and strenuous.

The hair can be straightened in a hair salon, but due to a lengthy process most people decide to purchase straighteners and do it at home.

Hair straighteners

The hair can be straightened using a blow dryer and a round hairbrush. This method is very effective but it is always better to have it done by a professional, because it usually takes a while and involves a certain amount of strain. The hair straightened this way usually stays smooth and straight until it is washed, but it can start curling up if the weather is damp.

Another downside of this method is the damage caused to the hair by the heat from the blow dryer. The hair should be protected from the heat using special styling products that have protective ingredients. There are also products that aim to keep the hair straight for longer, and to give it a nice shine.

Another straightening method, which is more popular that blow dryers, involves special devices called hair irons, flat irons or hair straighteners. They can be wide or thin. Wide ones are better for people with long and thick hair, and the slim ones are suitable for those with thinner or shorter hair.

High-quality hair straighteners have ceramic plates. They heat up very quickly and constantly stay hot. Less expensive straighteners have plates made of other materials, covered with special paints that only resemble ceramics. These are not very efficient.

Some straighteners claim to use infrared or ionic technology, which is supposed to protect the hair, sealing in the moisture and the natural oils, reducing frizz and static. Only a few high-end manufacturers actually keep up to this promise.

Downsides of hair straighteners

There are several downsides to the use of hair straighteners. For example, if they are used too frequently, they can cause significant damage to the hair. Because they work by changing the hair structure, these devices can permanently damage the hair, making it look dull, dry, brittle and frizzy.

If it is not done right, hair straightening with flat iron can actually burn the hair. High quality irons do not reach burning temperatures, but if there is a malfunction in the device, it can become very hot and if it is pressed for too long on the hair, it may burn it.

The damage from hair straighteners can today be prevented or repaired using quality hair products from trusted brands. There are products that should be applied before, during and after straightening, usually in the form of sprays, oils, creams and conditioners.

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